Upcoming Messages

Our pastor, Fred O. Pitts, teaches from God's word, the Bible. His messages seek to share the truth of the passage studied in a way that is uplifting and  practical for the living of our lives today. His habit is to preach through books of the Bible or through longer passages to give a better understanding of the full message of God's word, allowing the form and structure of each message to be determined by the passage. Between lengthier series, he brings insights from God's word to topics of interest.

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Join us each Sunday morning as we worship God together and gain insights for life through His word. Below is the tentative preaching schedule for the weeks ahead. Unless otherwise noted, our pastor, Fred O. Pitts, is scheduled to preach and teach.

Date Title of Message Note
06/19   Psalm 23 The Lord Is My Shepherd  Father's Day
06/26  Psalm 17 "It’s Not Fair!"  
07/03   How God Deals with His People  
07/10   Psalm 32 Dealing with Guilt  *
07/17   Psalm 103 From Pettiness to Praise  
07/24   Psalm 13 Honest to God  
07/31   Psalm 19 God’s Work and God’s Word  
08/07  Psalm 51 A Broken Heart  
08/14  Psalm 16 Pleasant Places with God  
08/21  Psalm 73 The Fix for Faltering Faith  
08/28  Psalm 139 God and Me           
09/04  Psalm 15 The Best that You Can Be  
09/11  TBA
09/18  What Makes a Great Church?
 * Solid Answers series begins
09/25  What Makes a Great Leader?  
10/02  How Can I Stand this Suffering?  
10/09  How Can I Please God?  
10/16  What Happens When I Die?  
10/23  When Is the End Coming?  
10/30  Life’s Little Instruction Book  * Solid Answers series ends
11/06  The Voice of God  
11/13  Why We Are Here  
11/20  How to Give Thanks
11/27  God Is FOR Us
 The 1st Sunday of Advent
12/04  God Is WITH Us  The 2nd Sunday of Advent
12/11   God Is ONE OF Us  The 3rd Sunday of Advent
12/18   God Is IN Us  The 4th Sunday of Advent
12/24  Christmas Eve Candle Light (Saturday)  * 6:30 (Preservice music @ 6)
12/25  What Is Christmas?  
01/01   How to Read the Bible  


* Partaking of Communion (The Lord's Supper) during these worship occasions