Rice Cooker Vs. Pressure Cooker: Which one is best?

Is Rice cooker and Pressure Cooker the same thing?

Here we have something for you and your kitchen. Things that will make your kitchen look more adorable.

A non stick cooker is the essential requirement of every house—the thing which helps us with cooking rice. Cooker words must have made you think of Gas cooker. So dear readers, here we have something new and quite different.

The world is moving towards technology. It is the time that you also start opting for technologically advanced equipment. So here we are to tell you about such a technological appliance cooker.

Something related to rice cooker and pressure cooker. As the name suggests, it helps us in our kitchens to cook rice.

Well, are you confused between the two?

So, don’t get confused!

Yes, they are both the same thing in terms of cooking, as both help in cooking rice. But they are not the same when we talk about working and design.

This article is all about what is the difference between the Rice Cooker and the Pressure Cooker and which one suits your kitchen the best.

Do read it to get the best choice for cooking rice so that you can enjoy the meal with your family without regretting your decision.

Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is the choice for those who wish to cook just rice. The Cooker can be used to prepare any rice in it.

The Rice cooker comes with features like a heating pad or coil that works as an external heating source. In addition to this, the Cooker also consists of a steam basket.

The process of rice cooking is quite simple.

Firstly the liquid in the Cooker starts heating, after that it starts getting evaporated in the air. Finally, when you open the lid, you are unable to see any water.

Pressure Cooker

Though it is quite similar in looks to a rice cooker still has a lot many differences. The features of the pressure cooker are quite different from that of a rice cooker. The pressure cooker lid at the top, that can be locked whenever required. The primary function of the cover is that it doesn’t allow the steam to escape out.

The pressure cooker also consists of a sensor that tells about the temperature inside the Cooker.

The pressure cooker can also get used to making meat. Multifunctional pressure cookers are also available in the market. But the rice cooking in such a pressure cooker is quite slow.

Rice Cooker Vs. Pressure Cooker


Rice cooker is energy efficient and helps save power, which is not at all possible in the pressure cooker. Rice Cooker can cook in it, any rice available in the market.


The pressure cooker helps kill all the microorganisms as the temp inside the Cooker is very high, but this is not possible in case of a Rice cooker, as it doesn’t have a lid to seal.

Fast cooking

The pressure cookers are the best choice for those living at high altitudes because the speed of cooking food is quite slow. The rice cooker does not offer the same.


If we compare the weight of the two, the pressure cooker is quiet and difficult to clean.


To summarize, we can say that both the rice cooker and pressure cooker are different in their features. So, it depends on your requirement, as to which one Is good for you. If you are looking for something only to cook rice and live in a region with an average temp, you can go with a rice cooker.

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